pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 Norco Sight

2012 norco sight   2012 Norco Sight

One of the new bikes from Norco for 2012 is the versatile 140mm-travel Sight. During an all-day ride, the Sight will smoothen out every tad of trail noise, thanks to its very flexible rear end. It is filled with cutting-edge technologies including the Advanced Ride Technology (ART) suspension platform.

Like the rest of the 2012 full-suspension range, the Sight features a one-piece forged aluminum bottom bracket area that integrates the ISCG tabs, lower pivot mount and main pivot clevis. The Sight has a Syntace 142×12 bolt-through rear end as well like on most models.

Very versatile, the 2012 Norco Sight is ideal for riders who want to do a little bit of everything. This includes marathon-length events, backcountry epics, and even local trails. Efficient and light, the Sight will not take excess energy away after hours in the saddle.

2012 norco sight 2   2012 Norco Sight

2012 norco sight 3   2012 Norco Sight

2012 norco sight 4   2012 Norco Sight