pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 Norco Aurum Downhill Bike

2012 norco aurum downhill bike1   2012 Norco Aurum Downhill Bike

A new downhill bike from Norco for 2012 is the Aurum. Carefully designed, the Aurum is one of the fastest bikes in the world that can tackle various races from local race series to the World Cup circuit. As what it is named after, the Aurum is made to help make its rider a champion.

As compared to the earlier downhill rigs from Norco, the Aurum frame is made even stronger, stiffer, and lighter. It also features three different levels of component spec and size-specific geometry. Pivot placement, rear centre length, and front triangle change according to the height of the rider.

With a minimal 200mm of front and rear wheel travel, the purpose-built 2012 Norco Aurum Downhill Bike is engineered to provide its riders with all the possible benefits on the race course. Along with the four different models to be offered is a team replica frame.

2012 norco aurum downhill bike 2   2012 Norco Aurum Downhill Bike