2012 evoc bike travel bag   2012 Evoc Bike Travel Bag

With a nice volume of 280L and weight 8600g, the Evoc is one of the best bike travel bags riders need to have for 2012. Whether the rider travels by plane, car, or train, the Evoc nicely accommodates the bike. Just dismount only the handlebars, the pedals, and the wheels.

Whatever type of bicycle it is, be it an XC, FR, DH, enduro bike or road bike, it can be securely stored within just a few minutes. Tube struts in the side wheel compartments distribute pressure and impact to the tires and rims and protect the brake disks from damage.

Fitting all road and mountain bikes, the 2012 Evoc Bike Travel Bag is a must-have for riders who travel a lot. Its very wide carriage is free from tilt and impact and it features sturdy, supple skate wheels and sealed bearings. Riders will surely love this bag’s full protection, quick packing, and easy carriage.

2012 evoc bike travel bag 2   2012 Evoc Bike Travel Bag