pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 Cube Bikes 29er

2012 cube bikes 29er   2012 Cube Bikes 29er

Also entering the growing 29er market for the first time is Cube Bikes with its 10 new bikes for 2012. Cube Bikes has also announced a 29in electric bike called the EPO29. By using Agile Ride Geometry (ARG), Cube Bikes has mixed all the benefits of 26in wheels with those of the bigger 29in.

This was achieved by a bottom bracket height that is identical to that of the smaller frames. Moreover, there is a specially mounted front derailleur that offers sufficient tire clearance.

All the ten new exciting machines of the 2012 Cube Bikes 29er should be included in the 29er lovers’ collections. Included in the 10 bikes are the high-end hardtails Elite Super HPC 29 and Reaction GTC 29 and the full-suspension models with aluminum frames LTD and Competition.

2012 cube bikes 29er 2   2012 Cube Bikes 29er