pinit fg en rect gray 20   Rab Shadow Hoodie Jacket

rab shadow hoodie jacket   Rab Shadow Hoodie Jacket

A great cycling garment that can be worn year round is the Rab Shadow Hoodie Jacket. Though not originally designed for riding, it has qualities that are perfect for winter and summer rides. Well put together, this garment can tackle any tough rides just like a sturdy bike.

Though quite pricey, this jacket is very multifunctional. During chilly conditions, the Rab Shadow Hoodie can be worn under a waterproof shell or down jacket as a mid-layer over a base layer. But in summer, it can function as an outer layer during the cool evening. It has some nice thumb loops, too.

Made from Polartec Windpro and Hardface technology, the Rab Shadow Hoodie Jacket offers both warmth and resistance from water. It can survive numerous washes after several muddy rides without easily getting frayed. However, its stretchiness will be great for slim riders but not for those with fuller figure.

rab shadow hoodie jacket 2   Rab Shadow Hoodie Jacket