pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 Scott Spark

2012 scott spark   2012 Scott Spark

Scott Spark remakes its full-suspension race bike for 2012 with three models, which are Spark RC, Spark 29 RC and Contessa Spark RC. The focus for these new models is on the suspension travel quality. Both the 26in and 29in versions feature TwinLoc remote lockout that offers three distinct modes of travel.

The 26in model offers 120mm of travel while the 29in version offers 100mm. Aside from low weight that contributes to its excellent hardtail performance, enhanced adjustability and suspension performance are also added. Moreover, more control is offered.

Also offered are damping characteristics that operate through casino online a single handlebar mounted lever and a new 220g shock called the Nude 2 from DT Swiss. Very promising, the 2012 Scott Spark features bikes that are designed to clear obstacles by simulating riders’ pedaling and bouncy motions.

2012 scott spark 2   2012 Scott Spark

2012 scott spark 3   2012 Scott Spark