2011 lazer krux bike helmet   2011 Lazer Krux Bike Helmet

Released by Lazer this 2011 is a bike helmet called Krux, which can be a nice addition to an urban helmet collections. Despite its rough and tough design, the helmet is very light and fits very nicely on the head without creating lots of heat. With plenty of venting, air circulation is nicely facilitated.

A ridged barrel adjuster called Rollsys adjusts the suspension system inside the helmet that allows for extra coolness. Instead of sliders, the bike helmet has authentic clamps on the straps. With secure strap adjustment clamps, riders do not have to touch the straps once they are adjusted right for the head.

Reasonably priced and neatly styled, the 2011 Lazer Krux Bike Helmet is a good item for urban riders. On the negative side, riders may not appreciate it when it catches too much wind and makes some noise. This minor downside can be condoned, however, since city bike riding is not frequently windy.

2011 lazer krux bike helmet 2   2011 Lazer Krux Bike Helmet