pinit fg en rect gray 20   Ortlieb Ultimate 5 Plus Bar Bag

ortlieb ultimate 5 plus bar bag   Ortlieb Ultimate 5 Plus Bar Bag

Riders looking for quality bar bags should definitely take the time to check the new Ortlieb Ultimate 5 Plus Bar Bag.

Place all your stuff, including your sunglasses and energy bars, into one simple and easy-to-use handlebar bag from Ortlieb.

The new Ortlieb Ultimate 5 Plus Bar Bag is lightweight but at the same time heavy duty. It can hold as much as 7 liters of content in it like an extra pair of clothes or other personal belongings.

The bar bag is heavy duty thanks to the fabric that was used and can even be converted to a shoulder bag on the fly. The Ultimate 5 can also be removed as it is easily placed on the handlebar.

To protect your bag from being stolen, the bag is also equipped with a lockable mounting set. An extension adapter for extreme bends is also available. For the techie riders out there, a GPS or map case cover is also available for both the Ultimate5 and the classic bar bags as well. The bar bag also features stiffeners to make the bag continually stand out.

For $116.78 riders can also get extreme value for money as the bar bag ships with a 3M Scotchlite reflector to help keep you safe while riding at night.

The bike bar bag is currently available online as well as through various specialty stores around the country.