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kask k10 helmet   Kask K10 Helmet

The Kask K10 Helmet is not only the best looking product from Kask, its also one of the trusted brands of Team Sky.

This Italian made bike helmet is lighter and definitely friendly to your head thanks to the 19 various air vents strategically located around the helmet to keep the air flowing either when its crunchtime in a race or even when the sun is at its highest point during the day.

The helmet from Kask has also been designed to be stronger and better thanks to the “in molding” system integrated into the helmet, which conveniently links the inner polystrene segment of the helmet to its’ polycarbonate parts making it effectively tougher than most helmets.

The helmet is priced at $208 and also features a unique chinstrap called the “eco-leather chinstrap”, which is basically a comfortable looking chinstrap that is non-allergenic and at the same time avoids any form of irritation on the part of the skin that it touches.

The helmet is a great addition to your set of protective gear and is available both online and in specialty stores, which carry the Kask brand.