pinit fg en rect gray 20   Freshmax Maidstone Shirt

freshmax maidstone shirt   Freshmax Maidstone Shirt

Though it is not a bike-specific garment, the Freshmax Maidstone Shirt can guarantee no signs of sweat during daily rides. Tailored with 100% cotton, this shirt can effectively take the sweat out of commuters. What actively avoids sweat marks is the SmartWeave technology.

A unique feature that this shirt can do that other bike shirts cannot is that heat escapes from the collar. However, although sweat escapes quickly, the garment still needs to be washed as frequent as other bike clothing.

Climate control is enhanced by the SmartWeave technology featuring the inner surface that wicks sweat away from the skin and distribute it across the entire garment. For those who want to wear normal clothing and avoid sweat while riding a bike, the Freshmax Maidstone Shirt is the ideal garment.

freshmax maidstone shirt 2   Freshmax Maidstone Shirt