pinit fg en rect gray 20   Enve 29er Rims

2011 enve 29er rims   Enve 29er Rims

With aUniversal Standard for Tubeless (UST) certification, Enve Composites has proudly launched their new big-wheel XC rims this 2011. Enve offers great reasons to go 29er while more and more cyclists are choosing to go tubeless on mountain bikes.

This is why the XC Clinchers were also made tubeless, compatible by Enve, which takes pride in its record as the first to launch a full line of carbon clinchers particularly designed for dirt use. Also, weight is not compromised as a progression of structural modifications boosts strength and stiffness.

Thanks to the Molded Spoke Hole Technology and the goal of optimizing composites for all off-road riding and racing aspects, the 2011 Enve 29er Rims, which are available in 28 or 32 hole count, offer higher spoke tensions and more durable wheel builds.