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carnac attraction shoes   Carnac Attraction Shoes

Designed for both competition as well as for performance during casual walks, the new Carnac Attraction shoes combines efficiency and comfort with a unique magnetic fastening system.

The Attraction shoes feature an upper part that consists of a breathable, ultra-light fabric while the lower part, including the heel and the foot’s tip, are asymmetric and molded into a single piece, which effectively supports the foot when pedaling, giving the rider an added boost in power.

Comfort is also placed on various parts of the shoes, including the front area of the foot and toe, which is also thanks in part to the non-deformable design of the shoe.

The rider’s foot fits snugly into the shoe all thanks to the new magnetic fastening system coupled with a double strap fastening system. Speaking of magnets, the Carnac Attraction also features a light MCS (Magnetic Closure System) that closes the insides of the foot from any who dare, including water. The rack found on the upper part of the shoe also allows the rider to choose the right amount of compression for themselves.

The shoe soles on the other hand sports I.A.I. (Integrated Air Intake) aeration system, which keeps the insides of your foot cool and comfortable no matter what time of day (or night) it might be.

Whats even great about this pair of cycling shoes is that for the price of $499.99 you get to have more options thanks to the interchangeable rubber heel, rack and slider.

carnac attraction shoes 2   Carnac Attraction Shoes