pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 Fizik Kurve Saddle

2012 fizik kurve saddle 2   2012 Fizik Kurve Saddle

Fizik unveiled a new lineup of saddles, the 2012 Kurve Saddle Range. Aside from the three unique Kurve line models namely Kurve Bull, Kurve Chameleon and Kurve Snake, a completely new rail design called Mobius is also introduced.

Bull, Chameleon and Snake saddles provide a dynamic interface, involving an entirely new base construction called Re:Flex with a unique layering that makes the shell greatly flexible. A circular rail pattern included in the Mobius unique design lessens pressure points.

Cycling comfort is enhanced by the Wing Flex design that reduces thigh contact on the saddle and improves power transfer. Weighing in at 220g, all of the 2012 Fizik Kurve Saddle models are designed with a subtle branding and animal silhouette detailing on the pad surface in a black color scheme.

2012 fizik kurve saddle 3   2012 Fizik Kurve Saddle