2012 crank brothers wheelset   2012 Crank Brothers Wheelset

With wide-ranging reduction of weight on their wheels through a new rim design, Crank Brothers will launch a refined wheelset line for 2012. Some weight is taken off by anodizing each rim black at first before machining it. Lastly, the rims are re-anodized with an accent color.

Also new for this 2012 wheelset is the color styling change featuring a beautiful two-tone freehub design and more inexpensive 2 level products. With a 142mm spacing option for some models, a new freehub design is included for more durability.

Included in the 2012 Crank Brothers Wheelset are the DH/race Opium 3, freeride Sage 2, premium carbon XC/race Cobalt 11, and the budget-minded all-mountain Iodine 2 and 3. Durability of the rim is not compromised by the new rim design, which is more noticeable on the Iodine and Opium.

2012 crank brothers wheelset 2   2012 Crank Brothers Wheelset

2012 crank brothers wheelset 3   2012 Crank Brothers Wheelset

2012 crank brothers wheelset 4   2012 Crank Brothers Wheelset