pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Vittoria Diamante Pro Tech

2011 vittoria diamante pro tech1   2011 Vittoria Diamante Pro Tech

Get ready to ride in even the harshest weather with the new 2011 Vittoria Diamante Pro Tech wheels now made even stronger and better.

Made from 220 TPI Nylon plus casing, this tire set offers efficiency and world class performance while at the same time braving even the harshest elements.

Compared to high endurance tires that usually sacrifice weight, the new wheel set from Vittoria is definitely lighter at 220 grams. This set of wheels also sports aquagrip technology, which ensures that the wheels stick to the ground no matter how wet the ground is. Just don’t go biking on flooded areas.

The sidewalls are also given extra protection thanks to a polymer weave to help ensure safety and durability.

The Vittoria Diamante Pro Tech wheels are currently priced at $55.95 and available in most bike stores as well as online.