pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Velo Senso Miles 1261 Saddle

2011 velo senso miles 1261 saddle   2011 Velo Senso Miles 1261 Saddle

From the 2011 Velo‘s competition range comes an exquisite saddle called the Velo Senso Miles. At 260g, this saddle is light enough for a race bike. Throughout the whole saddle, there’s a lot of holes drilled. This honeycomb design is the main feature of the saddle.

Adding to the comfort are the elastic carcass and honeycomb gel padding. Other features are a plastic-bodied, Titanium-railed perch with a synthetic cover. Also optimizing comfort is its long and flattish overall shape with a pretty wide nose and enough flex at the base of the saddle.

Quite easy to cope with, the 2011 Velo Senso Miles 1261 saddle is made with honeycomb holes that provide much extra airflow. It can be a little flat and hard at first but after a couple of long rides, riders will definitely warm to its shape.