pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Turner Flux Bike

2011 turner flux bike   2011 Turner Flux Bike

As Turner’s most versatile machine, the 2011 Turner Flux Bike is ideal for endurance or marathon racers. Even the riders who love cross-country racing and adventures when not training will find the Flux a very useful and well-designed weapon.

Basically, the Flux is a mix of Turner’s 5.Spot and the former cross-country rocket, Nitrous. This highly efficient race machine features a lot of critical details such as the sleek, CNC-machined lines of the swingarm, the grease ports at each of the pivots, and its perfect welds to name a few.

Without compromising pedaling efficiency, the 2011 Turner Flux Bike offers a luxury 4” of travel and still uses Turner’s trademark bushings with zerk fittings at the pivots. With the new iterations, the zerks are built from stainless steel and screw into the frame to keep them in place.

2011 turner flux bike 2   2011 Turner Flux Bike