pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Quintana Roo Kilo

2011 quintana roo kilo   2011 Quintana Roo Kilo

Quintana Roo has released a bike called Kilo, which is specifically designed for riders who love smooth rides with excellent performance, thanks to is redesigned lightweight aerodynamic frame that features a taller head tube.

To make it lightweight, the frame is AN6 alloy aluminum and custom drawn into butted aero shapes. By enhancing the fit and riding comfort, the Kilo allows better and faster performance. Along with the custom-butted AN-6 aero tube set are the topnotch F.I.S.T. fit, geometry and component package.

Excellent components include Dura Ace bar-end shifters, Ultegra rear derailleur, and an FSA Omega Compact crankset. Ideal for athletes of all levels, nothing beats the 2011 Quintana Roo Kilo in the entry-level triathlon bike category.

2011 quintana roo kilo 2   2011 Quintana Roo Kilo