pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Nalini Nespolo Jacket

2011 nalini nespolo jacket   2011 Nalini Nespolo Jacket

An environmentally friendly cycling garment, the 2011 Nalini Nespolo Jacket is made of mantoVent fabric with Rete Power material. This means that the fabric is made from recycled bottles. Breathable mesh inserts are added for better ventilation.

While the skinny polyester fabric blocks the wind, the fabric is fairly breathable. Also, the fabric features an anti-droplet treatment that makes the jacket water repellent. With a racing cut, the jacket has a high collar and elasticated waist and cuffs.

Highly effective, the 2011 Nalini Nespolo Jacket is a topnotch lightweight windproof jacket. It is small enough to fit into a jersey internal pocket. When the rider needs to keep the cool air out, this cycling jacket makes a substantial difference to the body temperature.

2011 nalini nespolo jacket 2   2011 Nalini Nespolo Jacket