pinit fg en rect gray 20   Prendas Ciclismo 2011 Deluxe Track Gloves

prendas ciclismo 2011 deluxe track gloves   Prendas Ciclismo 2011 Deluxe Track Gloves

The new Prendas Ciclismo 2011 Deluxe Track Gloves breathes new life to your hands when riding and gives you more for your hard earned dollar.

These new track gloves from Prendas Ciclismo offer new and unique features that can be found on those expensive high end gloves but with the price of standard and inexpensive mitts. The lower area of the mitts are made of polyester mesh that’s breathable and brings great comfort and ventilation for the user; aside from the polyester mesh, the new 2011 Prendas Ciclismo Deluxe Track Gloves are also designed with the foam padding in most of the palm areas as well as covers extensively covering the base of each fingers and even the thumb and the forefinger.

While keeping a low profile, the gloves still maintain extra cushioning to keep the blood from circulating during shorter runs. The gloves’ padded areas are also treated to textured polyurethane finish all along the padded areas to help keep strengthen the glove as well as improve the user’s grip, which works extremely well in damp conditions.

On the other hand, the gloves’ back is made of semi-elastic polyester elastene, which is not as breathable as the palm side but is still dependable enough to provide enough ventilation to keep your hands dry and cool.

The downside to this great looking track gloves is that there are no wrist closures or locks but the design does have a large toweling area, which a rider can use when wiping the sweat away from his or her forehead.

There are various sizes available for riders and it’s currently priced at $31.92.