pinit fg en rect gray 20   Northwave Aerlite 3 Road Shoes

northwave aerlite 3 road shoes   Northwave Aerlite 3 Road Shoes

Northwave has recently released the new Northwave Aerlite 3 Road Shoes, which is an offshoot of the Aerator shoes that features a new and improved comfortable lightweight performance.

With the help of the “web power cage”, which is a fusion of various materials that helps your feet breathe and keep it in position even in the most hottest, sweatiest moments. To help increase stability of the feet when worn, this particular road shoe also features a “cat’s tongue” fabric that acts as a one-way Velcro, making it easier to slip the foot into the shoe but harder to remove.

The new shoe from Northwave also features the ST 8.4 three-layer carbon sole, which was added to help optimize the stiffness and the the durability. The new Northwave Aerlite 3 Road Shoe is currently priced at $219.99.