pinit fg en rect gray 20   Knog Switch Glove

knog switch glove   Knog Switch Glove

Any rider with a love for gloves should definitely get the new Knog Switch Glove , which works great for any and all riding styles from cyclocross to road biking and still delivers a unique level of warmth all throughout the year.

It would be a bold statement to say that the new Knog Switch Glove is definitely a great contender for being hailed as the “it” gloves for 2011. The gloves feature a neoprene and mesh sections as well as a synthetic leather palm to keep your palms from getting drenched with sweat. These gloves are also windproof and are really comfortable no matter what the climate is from summer to winter.

The gloves’ palm pads have been designed to stay in place no matter what the type of handlebar the user might clutch. As an added plus, the thumb area has also been reinforced to keep it stronger. The gloves’ finger area are also shaped for maximum ride comfort and also features a smart terry toweling on the thumb area to make it easier for sweat wiping. The gloves are also kept sturdy in place thanks to Velcro straps that are located on the wrists.

The gel pads offer good comfort levels, which gives little pressure as well as pinching or rubbing and at the same time breathes easily to keep air well circulated inside the glove. It is currently priced at $56 and available both online and in local specialty shops.