pinit fg en rect gray 20   Canyon Excel Helmet

canyon excel helmet   Canyon Excel Helmet

Racers with a good sense of fashion as well as on the lookout for an affordable helmet should definitely take up the offer of the new Canyon Excel Helmet from Canyon.

The new Canyon Excel helmets offer the best possible experience for style, weight, protection and ventilation at a fraction of the cost compared to most helmets out on the market right now.

Because of the design, which will feature a foam liner in the hard shell, the helmet gives an improved ventilation and is lighter compared to other helmets out now. While literally giving your head some breathing space it does not in anyway make the helmet’s strength suffer nor does it make it harder to wear.

The bike helmet has over 24 vents and it has machine washable anti-bacterial pads, which should be a great deal for a lot of racers who want to be hygienic while on the road. The new Canyon helmets also offer a universal head-ring system, which helps keep the helmet snug once worn by the rider. The helmet fits perfectly well with various sizes ranging from small to medium LED caddy.

The downside to this helmet is the lack of reflectivity on the outside. Reflectivity is still there but not much as what the some of the more high-end helmets have on them. Aside from this, everything is pretty much cool with the new helmet, its even easier to clean.

The new Canyon Excel Helmets are currently available both online and in some select stores around the country.

canyon excel helmet 2   Canyon Excel Helmet

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