pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Schwalbe Hans Dampf Tire

2011 schwalbe hans dampf tire   2011 Schwalbe Hans Dampf Tire A new German tire launched this 2011 is the Schwalbe Hans Dampf, which means jack of all trades. It is not called jack of all trades for no reason. This tire is an all purpose, capable of handling various types of trails in the US.
To improving trail ride performance, the tubeless-ready features the new TrailStar Compound, a triple compound that includes an easy rolling base layer, a grippy center tread and even grippier shoulders. Sealant is recommended though the rubberized SnakeSkin sidewall guarantees an airtight seal with the rim.
Designed for American trails, the 2011 Schwalbe Hans Dampf Tire is made to tackle trails that are rockier, drier and dustier than European trails. A big contact area with the trail is made by the large lugged tread design. The tire weighs 750g and measures 2.35in.