pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 LAS Squalo Helmet

2011 las squalo helmet   2011 LAS Squalo Helmet

The word unique comes to mind upon seeing the new 2011 LAS Squalo Helmet, especially from the visual aspect of things.

The new helmet from LAS called Squalo, which is “Shark” in Italian, also acts like a predator of the deep. It works well both in the summer as well as in the winter time.

The Squalo helmet has a winter pad that covers the helmet’s holes to avoid getting your head frozen during runs in the winter time. During the summer, users can also opt to get the mesh pad with a lighter padding, which works perfectly well with the 29 vents that help in circulating the air.

The LAS Squalo also boasts of the Cat-Eyes 3D Evo 3D fitting system. This helps riders adjust the back strap either vertically or horizontally with a limit for 44mm.

The helmet is also exceptionally light weighing in at 294 grams and has been given a CE1078 rating that makes it definitely safe to wear and protects your head fully when in a crash.

When purchased for $150.00, the LAS helmet will come with a soft bag to store the helmet when not in use. The Squalo also comes in two sizes either in 54-59 cm as well as 57 – 63 cm and is available in a multitude of colors.