pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Giro DND Gloves

2011 giro dnd gloves   2011 Giro DND Gloves

Affordable thin gloves, the 2011 Giro DND is great for all-around riding with its great comfort, fitting, and look. This lightweight full-finger glove provides control through the bars. DND is nothing but a simple durable glove for everyday riding with an excellent fit.

Designed with a three-piece Clarino palm, this minimalist glove is very comfortable on the bike by eliminating the nasty bunching up that can take place while riding. During hot days, the lightweight upper keeps the rider’s hands cool.

Adding to the excellent comfort and fitting is the elasticated cuff, which is not as adjustable as the Velcro but does not easily wear out. All seams of the 2011 Giro DND Gloves are double-stitched and they can be machine-washed.