pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 EVS Riding Shorts

2011 evs riding shorts   2011 EVS Riding Shorts

Designed with a comfy fit, the 2011 EVS riding shorts are fairly high at the front and are made to sit just above the knee. Featuring fairly minimal padding, the shorts can serve occasional riders or commuters well. These shorts can be worn as a liner or on their own without a high-end anatomical padding insert.

To make sure that the rider still feels comfortable during intense rides, the shorts have a synthetic chamois crotch pad to stop chafing. Along with the six-panel construction, the shorts are tailored with hi-grade nylon and Lycra material.

As a high quality compression short, the 2011 EVS riding shorts are not just a comfortable garment for cycling. More than that, the shorts are very useful to riders by improving muscular endurance and physical performance.

2011 evs riding shorts 2   2011 EVS Riding Shorts