pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Chrome Kursk Pro SPD Shoes

2011 chrome kursk pro spd shoes   2011 Chrome Kursk Pro SPD Shoes

Fusing casual walking shoes together with an efficient cycling shoes can be seen in the 2011 Chrome Kursk Pro SPD shoes.

The new Pro SPD shoes from Chrome might look like a plain and casual pair of shoes but check what it has underneath and what’s inside and you get to see a clearer picture of what exactly it can do.

These pair of cycling shoes offer great efficiency and foot support for pedaling in any road condition as well as provide added power and safety for your foot. On the flipside, the new Kursk footware also looks trendy and can be worn outside of the usual cycling circle.

Definitely a great looking addition to your cycling equipment or even for your collection of sneakers or other footware.

It currently fetches for $120.00 and is available both online and even on bike specialty stores.