pinit fg en rect gray 20   SRAM Launches New Generation Gear Hubs

sram introduces new generation gear hubs   SRAM Launches New Generation Gear Hubs

A new line of mechanical system gear hubs have been recently launched by SRAM. The new 2-speed gear hub from SRAM is the first from the new generation gear hubs. These all-new hubs will come in all versions such as freewheel, disc, roller brake compatible and coaster in the form of steel or alloy hub shells. This 2-speed hub will automatically shift depending on speed and wheel size without the use of fancy electronics.

Initially, SRAM has said that the 2-speed hub will be best suited for folding bikes. But SRAM has expressed their willingness to expand its benefits and spec’ed it for other bike types.

Mass production of the said new generation gear hubs will start this May of 2011 and will be available by summer of this year.

Via Bike Europe