pinit fg en rect gray 20   Shimano Upgrades for MY 2012

shimano upgrades for my 2012   Shimano Upgrades for MY 2012

Shimano has recently announced its upgrades for MY 2012. The popular Japanese company will be offering larger options and a wider variety of components and non-series parts. Shimano will provide more innovative technologies, new groupsets and more high-end updated product developments as part of its Shimano MY 2012 products.

Shimano is more than proud to have implemented the well-planned upgrades and changes. New shifters of Nexus 7 and 8 have been developed as well. The components of Nexus 7 have been brought to the next level with new upgrades; while the Nexus 8 will now be available in white.

Further noted upgrades from Shimano for MY 2012 include Deore’s Dyna-system drivetrain upgrade, now with Ice Technologies, will come with a compatible rear derailleur, Rapidfire Plus shifters and Servo Wave disc brakes. Together with Tiagra Road Race series, Shimano will release a 10-speed drivetrain to the market. The newly innovated Shimano Acera will be available in black and silver. Moreover, an expansion for Shimano Alfine is implemented, which features 1.5W sports hub dynamo with Center Lock disc brake rotor mounts. Not to mention, the new Alfine disc brakes BR/BL-S700 will also be upgraded with Ice Technologies attributes.

shimano upgrades for my 2012 2   Shimano Upgrades for MY 2012