pinit fg en rect gray 20   REDLINE 20 Device G6 Fork

redline 20 device g6 fork   REDLINE 20 Device G6 Fork

Ride down slopes or uphill in style with the REDLINE 20 Device G6 Fork. The new G6 Fork features a one piece CNC steer tube as well as a built-in crown race for incorporated headsets. The G6 Fork also sports a 100% post-weld chromoly, which has been heat treated coupled with laser cut 5mm dropouts.

Other features that are packaged neatly in this trusty REDLINE product include 1-1/4” x 1.4-1.0mm butted and tapered legs with a CNC machined alloy top cap.

The best feature for the REDLINE G6 is its weight. Shipping at only 967g/ 34 ounces this can be categorized as one of the lightest forks out there for the price, $98.78.