new dragomir f7 frame   New Dragomir F7 Frame

The new Dragomir F7 frame is made to be light and tight with high quality. The Dragomir F7′s framework is a typical AM / enduro model with 152 mm travel of the rear suspension and chetiristavno sealed bearings yoke. Built with Aluminum 7005 material that comes with a 190 mm rear shock and anodized hydro-forming tubes, the Dragomir F7 frame is designed for disc brakes.

The Dragomir F7 frame approximately weighs 2590g that comes in six colors to choose from – dark blue, blue, silver, brown, green and gold. Available in three different sizes – 17″, 19″ and 21″.

new dragomir f7 frame 2   New Dragomir F7 Frame

new dragomir f7 frame 3   New Dragomir F7 Frame

new dragomir f7 frame 4   New Dragomir F7 Frame