pinit fg en rect gray 20   New Balance Announces Partnership With Team Garmin Cervelo

new balance announces partnership with team garmin cervelo   New Balance Announces Partnership With Team Garmin Cervelo
Footwear and apparel brand New Balance has officially announced a partnership between them and Slipstream Sports’ owned professional American cycling team, Team Garmin-Cervelo.

The New Balance – Cervelo partnership will officially begin with the off-bike training for 2011 wherein New Balance will be providing the apparel and athletic shoes that the team will be using during the off-season training camp.

According to the New Balance’s International Executive Vice President Alan Hed, the two companies share the same respectable legacy firmly placed on integrity and teamwork that is widely recognized around the world. The partnership is a long standing commitment to innovation, excellence and development of the next generation of athletes. Hed also commented that the new partnership is a part of New Balance’s latest advertising campaign, which is “Let’s Make Excellent Happen.”

The partnership will permit New Balance to be the only off-bike athletic shoe and advanced compression apparel partner and will allow for broader visibility for both Team Garmin / Slipstream Sports and New Balance.