pinit fg en rect gray 20   Lazer Tardiz  Time Trial 2011

lazer tardiz time trial 2011   Lazer Tardiz  Time Trial 2011

In its second year in production, the 2011 Lazer Tardiz Time Trial is upgraded with Lazer’s new magnetic clip and an optional visor. With its Head’s Up design, this helmet features a shorter tail. Through this shorter tail, the drag is limited even when the rider drops his head for a drink, look at his computer or simply rests.

This feather light and aerodynamic helmet, which is certified by CE-CPSC-AS, features a magic buckle. Its small magnetic buckle allows the rider to easily open or close the buckle with just a single hand. When closed, it is firmly locked and it does not irritate on long rides. For optimal ventilation, the helmet has an aquavent port on top to distribute water over the rider’s head. The Lazer helmet also has perfopad to distribute water from the aquavent across its padding.

The Lazer Tardiz Time Trial 2011 comes with sunglass friendly earpads, X-static padding, airpads and colored straps that match the helmet”s colorways. It is also dual layer aerodynamic with a smooth front and dimpled back, and vent tunnel tested. Its features include head-down aerodynamics and an in-mold 2-layer construction.

Weight: 395 g.