pinit fg en rect gray 20   DZR Prolly Shoes

dzr prolly shoes   DZR Prolly Shoes

Prolly is getting more and more popular these days. John Watson, owner of Prolly blog, is currently working on a project in collaboration with DZR shoes. John is very much enthusiastic to say that the DZR Prolly shoes will be out in a couple of months.

The DZR Prolly shoes are an all black low top SPD sneaker with an all Vegan Prolly’s new track-end P logo in reflective material on the upper. The heel is a bit raised to make the cup deeper, which makes them more comfortable to use even for fixed freestyle rides. The shoes is made to be durable with an attractive design that compliments the whole package. The inner part of the shoes will be purple faux-leather and the bottom will be a black gumsole. This is an entirely new design by John Watson for DZR shoes.

Via prollyisnotprobably