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castelli lightness glove   Castelli Lightness Glove

The Castelli Lightness Glove has impressed most of the staff of because of it’s innate ability to keep the rider’s hands warm despite the cold temperature.

We’re calling it out, its definitely a great piece of apparel to have with you during winter or even when the weather’s getting to chilly.

But what makes the new Castelli Lightness Glove such a great pair of gloves to bring during leisure bike rides or serious trainings? Well for starters, this bike gloves has a back section made entirely of Thermoflex, a breathable and flexible polyester material that helps keep things warm for anybody wearing the gloves.

The lower part of the gloves are made from Clarino synthetic leather that has also been designed to have a rubbery print across the palm to help in gripping, especially in cases where the palms are sweaty or wet. An extra layer of cloth has also been added between the forefinger and the thumb to help in reinforcing when you’re resting on the hoods. These gloves from Castelli also have cuffs that are stretchable and extend all the way to the area above the rider’s wrists.

The overall feel and look of the Castelli Lightness Gloves are good and they are pretty soft in the hand and are low bulk but at the same time continue to provide great warmth for your hands. A pair of these amazing gloves from Castelli will put you down $55.