pinit fg en rect gray 20   Ahearne Cycles Spaceman Hip Flask and Cage

ahearne cycles spaceman hip flask and cage   Ahearne Cycles Spaceman Hip Flask and Cage

Riders can now carry their own flask wherever they go and not worry about spills thanks to Ahearne Cycles Spaceman hip flask and cage.

This innovative flask keeps things either hot or cold depending on your needs. Riders on the road can use this flask to take a quick swig of their favorite drink during the colder winter months of training or pour a couple of drops into their coffee for a bit of an Irish spin on things.

Of course, this flask is not limited to holding alcoholic drinks. This can also be used for other drinks like water (you’ll never know when you’ll need that extra container aside from your water bottle, you know.) or even medicine.

The flask ships with an unbranded look made out of stainless steel and an unpainted metal cage. It can carry approximately 250 ml and costs $47.