pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Velobici Cyclewear

   2011 Velobici Cyclewear

Velobici Cyclewear has released a new line of on/off cycling apparel made in the UK for 2011. As one of the best menswear brands at present, Velobici has reason to offer arm warmers, woolen caps, neck warmers and scarves that are quite pricey.

Built with 100% Italian Merino wool, the knitwear range is designed to maintain its shape even after washing, especially the San Remo turtle neck. Riders will feel very comfortable because of the extremely neat seamless construction of the cycling garments.

Tailored to be authentically functional on the bike, the cycling garments feature an exquisite detailing that incorporates a properly toughened small button-down pocket on the rear and thumb holes on the cuff. Other items in the 2011 Velobici Cyclewear are heavier Classic T shirts and the super lightweight Domestique.

2011 velobici cyclewear 2   2011 Velobici Cyclewear