pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Turner 5.Spot Mountain Bike

2011 turner 5 spot mountain bike   2011 Turner 5.Spot Mountain Bike

A versatile frame called the 5.Spot is featured on a new mountain bike from Turner Bikes. Designed for enduro/all-mountain use in mind, the Turner 5.Spot features 5.5″/140 mm of rear wheel travel, and Fox RP23, tuned.

Riders who are looking for a 5.5″ frame will find the Turner 5.Spot a perfect machine. This mountain bike can aid in tackleing different kinds of rides. Basic stickers of the bike offers a reliable powder coating job and high quality customer service and build.

While the Turner 5.Spot is slightly heavier than the typical 5.5″ travel frame commonly found on the market, an extremely durable and capable 5.5″ frame is gained through the weight increase. Aside from its excellent frame, the 2011 Turner 5.Spot Mountain Bike also looks great with its charcoal grey, sangria, raw color scheme.