pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 ONeal Airtech Helmet

2011 oneal airtech helmet   2011 ONeal Airtech Helmet

Riders with an affinity for looking cool and at the same time looking for a full-on protective gear should get the 2011 O’Neal Airtech Helmets.

Currently, the finishing touches are being applied to the helmets but from the initial look that were seeing, these helmets will come in a multitude of colors for riders to choose from. Aesthetics aside, the moto inspired full face for the helmet is also a great addition to the overall appeal of the helmet.

There are several things that should be expected when the helmets officially roll out of the assembly line, including a longer peak that can also raise the load; the mesh will also bid us goodbye as it will be replaced by the new O’Neal standard, a dark colored wire mesh; and finally, some parts of the helmet will also be changed to help make it durable enough to be hung from handlebars.

2011 oneal airtech helmet 2   2011 ONeal Airtech Helmet