pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Italia Corsa Water Bottle

2011 italia corsa water bottle 233x300   2011 Italia Corsa Water Bottle

Elite celebrates with Italy on its 150th birthday by releasing the 2011 Italia Corsa Water Bottle. Featuring improved graphics of the Italian flag, the special-edition water bottle will be used by sponsored Elite teams during all the 2011 season races.

As an Italia company, Elite is proud to present the sincere tribute of the Italian color to the whole world. Italia Corsa, a 100% biodegradable water bottle, is for riders who are environment lovers as well.

Conforming to UCI guidelines, the water bottle features two types of openings, a screw top or pull top. The top screws are similar to that of a typical water bottle. What makes it different is the safety valve, made from thermo-plastic rubber, which allows the liquid out if a bike wheel accidentally hits it.

The 2011 Italia Corsa is BPA free just like all Elite water bottles. Users’ health is guaranteed because it has no traces of Bisphenyl A. Low density makes the water bottle squeezable so it simplifies grip and irrigation.