pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Haro 124 BMX Bike

2011 haro 124 bmx bike   2011 Haro 124 BMX Bike

One of the hottest BMX bikes in 2011 is the Haro 124. With an aggressive geometry, this 24” wheeled BMX bike helps riders tackle various terrains with ease such as streets, parks, and dirt jumps.

For a rider who is new to BMX or has not been into it for a long time, the 24” wheel offers enhanced stability. This extra stability is a great aid to such riders for staying off the ground and always on two wheels.

A bike’s not meant for the pro BMX rider, the 2011 Haro 124 is foolproof from the attaching of the handlebars, the front wheel, the pedals and the saddle and maintaining balance in tough terrains. Haro’s great components include plastic pedals, three-piece chromoly cranks, and a slim saddle with a steel seat post.

2011 haro 124 bmx bike 21   2011 Haro 124 BMX Bike