pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Ergon GX1 Leichtbau White Grip

2011 ergon gx1 leichtbau white grip   2011 Ergon GX1 Leichtbau White Grip

Riders looking for class and distinction should not have any problems whatsoever with the 2011 Ergon GX1 Leichtbau White Grip. Not only does it look really clean and simple, the GX1 is lean and cut and smaller compared to other Ergon products out on the market right now. And it is because of this minute detail that more hand positions can be employed, especially during do-or-die situations.

Being the younger and smaller brother of the Ergon GP1, specifically designed for race use, the GX1 is both a lesser and greater version of the GP1. While falling just a bit short on support, unlike the GP1, the new GX1 is a great grip that still delivers hand support.

Still follow?

The GX1 is made of Kraton rubber, which is both used for the rubber inset and the grip’s broad wing. The grip’s aluminum clamp is also smaller and designed to flow directly into the grip unlike the normal, run-of-the-mill bike grips. The clamp is a visual upgrade from the normal grips thanks to the anodized black, which complements the textured grip surface.

The grip’s clamp can be tightened or loosened via a 4mm Allen key, which can be found underneath the bar and has a cap of 7mm of torque. This 130mm long grip weighs only 137g and is currently priced at $36.

2011 ergon gx1 leichtbau white grip 2   2011 Ergon GX1 Leichtbau White Grip