pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Cube Aerium HPC Race

2011 cube aerium hpc race   2011 Cube Aerium HPC Race

An ultimate lightweight aero bike with an HPC monocoque carbon frame makes the 2011 Cube Aerium HPC Race an ideal weapon for triathlon competitions and time trials. Thanks to the High Performance Composite, Twin Mold Technology, Integrated Cable Routing, and Wet Paint Surface of the Cube Aerium HPC Race, it’s a lean, mean tri machine.

As the basis for carbon frames, High Performance Composite provides the 2011 Cube Aerium HPC Race with a combination of various high performance fibers that consist of multiple filaments. Fixed in position, the durable fibers are protected against chemical influence and mechanical damage. For enhanced product safety and STW values, the Cube Aerium HPC Race also features Twin Mold Technology. Constant control of carbon fibers eliminated potential folding hazards through this process.

Many advantages are provided by the Integrated Cable Routing, providing the Aerium HPC Race with a clean appearance, protection from dirt, less weight and a longer life. Also used to save weight is the surface treatment technology. The Wet Paint Surface features multi-layer wet paint with polished and brushed aluminum with logos and graphics on the HPC frames.