pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Capoforma Peloton Roubaix Bib Short

2011 capoforma peloton roubaix bib short   2011 Capoforma Peloton Roubaix Bib Short

As an eight-panel-wrap, the 2011 Capoforma Peloton Roubaix Bib Short has panels that are made to wrap around the body and squeeze the muscles. Warmth, durability, and stretchiness are all guaranteed, thanks to the balanced combination of Lycra and Super Roubaix.

To add to its wind-resistance qualities, the exterior of the Bib Shorts is designed to be closed-faced. There is no stiffness to the material used in the bib shorts at all, providing more comfort to its wearer.

Also featured on the Capoforma Peloton Roubaix is the Capo Corsa IT insert, which has varying levels of thickness and wicks and stretches. This Capo Corsa IT insert as thick as 10mm under the sit bones and as thin as 5mm on the sides of the legs. At the bottom hems, silicone gel grippers are used to hold the legs of the wearer in place as well as the knee warmers.