pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Boardman Air 9.4

2011 boardman air 9 4   2011 Boardman Air 9.4

A big departure from the standard bikes that have been produced by Boardman bikes, the 2011 Boardman Air 9.4 is a classy looking, aerodynamic road bike for the new age.

The Boardman Air features a lot of new upgrades outside the new and improved paint job. The upgrades include a full carbon frame, high modulus monocoque carbon construction for the majority of the frame as well as an asymetric head tube.

With roadies and triathletes in mind, the designs were implemented to suit the need for both types of riders as well as to welcome other riders who are trying their hand in other types of cycling, i.e. road bike riders trying out triathlons and triathletes trying out road biking.

The Boardman Air is so promising that in fact, even international triathlete Alistair Brownlee has signed on to use this great looking bike.

While there are about a dozen different specs for each type of bike under the Boardman Air banner, the Air 9.4 will also feature 50mm cboardman carbon clinchers and with frames that have passed through intense wind tunnel tests to make it totally aerodynamic.

The Boardman Air 9.4 can effectively cut through gusts and winds with the down tube, seat tube and seat post designed to deal efficiently even when faced with cross winds with angles of 20 degrees or less.

The 9.4 also weighs 16.2 lbs and has a claimed frame weight of 1.2 kg. Stiffness is also another issue that gets addressed quite frequently with other road bikes. Good thing though that Air 9.4 is stiff as can be and even paves the way for a stable control.

The bike also bears a BB30 bottom bracket systems in pedaling power. It also uses a Shimano Dura Ace rather than put its entire dependence on an Ultegra.

No price or release date has been revealed as of the moment.