pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Bissell Cycling Short

2011 bissell cycling short   2011 Bissell Cycling Short

Extra comfort with style is the main feature provided by the 2011 Bissell Cycling Short. Thanks to the combination of mining three-dimensional cut and ergonomic, breathable, and soft material, comfort is guaranteed during long tough rides.

The 2011 Bissell Cycling Shorts also take pride in its Coolmax pad with an ultra-light breathable moisture protection pad, which cannot be fully attached to the skin displacement. While the burden on the rider’s hips is reduced, the kinetic energy caused by cycling is effectively absorbed for a long time.

Riders will certainly feel comfortable and dry as well with the protective liner surface with anti-bacterial deodorant treatment, which can quickly wick away sweat. Using high saturation, bright colors, high-tech environmental protection, and Italy sublimation ink printing, the 2011 Bissell Cycling Shorts is also printed with exquisite style.