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soundshell bike speaker case   SoundShell Bike Speaker Case

The new SoundShell bike speaker travel Case is a great idea for all riders wanting to protect their beloved gadgets like their ipods or mp3 players while on the road.
This great protective travel case fits perfectly with just about any type of equipment you’ve towed in to the wild for your past cycling expeditions. What’s even great is that you can do away with your headset and go “au natural” with the mp3 speaker capabilities of this case. Basically, it does two things for you. One is protect your stuff from elements that would normally damage them such as water or snow or even shocks from bumps or falls. Secondly, the SoundShell speaker case also gives you the chance to listen to your favorite tunes without the hassles of using earphones or headphones (which are totally dangerous especially if you’re on the road, cycling).
This portable speaker has great potential because of the benefits that a rider such as yourself can fully enjoy. The speakers were designed and carefully positioned to amplify music and is turned directly in your direction giving you the chance to listen while pedaling or hitting the toughest terrain. The same speakers are aluminum plated to help give a clear, crisp stereo sound anywhere, anytime. You can also easily mount the speaker case on to you’re bike handle bar with the help of 3 velcro straps. The speaker case works with various types of mp3 player, including the Apple Ipod, as long as it has a standard 3.5mm headphone jack.

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