pinit fg en rect gray 20   Sonim XP3300 Force

sonim xp3300 force   Sonim XP3300 Force

Handset builder Sonim is back in the saddle once again with their latest offering, the Sonim XP3300 Force. While it might have some jarring similarities with Sonim’s previous models, this new handset boasts of something unique that no other phones allegedly has – it provides the longest phone talk time clocking in at a staggering 20 – 24 hours. The claim continues that its longevity can also be transferred over to the same amount of time in usage for GPS tracking, aside from a whopping 800 hours standby mode.

The handset itself was cast using a fiberglass shell with 1.5 millimeters of Gorilla Glass over the display, which turns the phone into a one of a kind phone perfect for cyclists out in the wild, taking down the toughest terrain. This promising new IP-68 rated handset device can withstand a great deal of punishment. Sonim has guaranteed that the XP3000 Force phone will survive a two-meter drop onto a concrete pavement, which usually shatters other handsets, as well as can withstand two meters of submersion in water. It can also tolerate temperatures varying from 20 degrees below zero to 55 degrees Celsius.

This sport and enterprise friendly mobile phone is not only built like a tank but also has some cute features installed and built into it such as a 2 Megapixel camera with an LED flash to take pictures of that tough terrain.

No price and availability has been announced for the Sonim XP3300 Force.