pinit fg en rect gray 20   Soma x Rivendell Frame

soma x rivendell frame   Soma x Rivendell Frame

Soma and Rivendell Bicycle Works is working hand in hand on a road frame—Soma x Rivendell Frame. Rivendell is known for its previous projects with Nitto. Soma gives their full trust in Grant Petersen, who will provide them the road sport frame concept that Soma has always wanted.

Current specifications as of today would include San Marcos as a project name. Such name came up from a great place in Guatemala, which is the birthplace of Soma’s main warehouse guy. It’ll come with a threaded fork and flat crown of 1”. Built with full Rivendell lug set with Tange Prestige heat treated tubing, this frame will come into two of the smaller sizes such as 650B.

Grant Petersen will do the designing as Soma is confident enough that he will provide them a design that complies to Soma’s philosophy of being tough, reliable and affordable. The prototype presents several graphic schemes, which may be unveiled in the future. The target release will be this year, 2011, at an earlier semester.